Friday, 15 September 2017

Creepy Cute

We here at The Gothic Shop have a bit of a split personality. As much as we enjoy and delight in being mysterious and alluring and just a little bit scary, we also equally love combining the cute with the creepy and indulging our sweetly dark side.

But we think we're not alone there, and that a lot of you share the same inclinations as we do. 
Inspired by the new goodies which just arrived in our shop, we decided to take the plunge deep into the perky goth territory (and what a lovely plunge that was), and combine the cute and the creepy in four perfectly adorable sets. We hope you will like these sets, full of cats and bats and all things that make us happy!

We are so in love with this dress. It makes us feel like a grown up Wednesday Addams, and you can't tell us that that can be a bad thing. We added some cat-themed jewellery by Alchemy and a very grown up looking bag, with a very cartoonish cat print, just because. 

Can we ever have enough bats in our wardrobe? Pretty silly question, isn't it? One can never have enough bats in the closet! Especially not when they are embroidered on a perfectly adorable mini dress, in the shape of a purse, or an ear wrap!

You know what, we need more cats. Especially love cats on gorgeous retro style purses, to match perfectly with our rainy day outfit. A floaty chiffon dress, a frilly umbrella.. what better way to welcome Fall?

Ok, we may be getting a little bit ahead of ourselves with this one, but Halloween is coming pretty soon, and we are pretty excited about it! And besides, does anything embody creepy and cute better than Halloween? We don't think so! That's why we paired this bat-pocketed full circle skirt  with a Halloween print blouse and coffin-shaped earrings. It's (almost) the season, after all! 

What's your favourite cute and creepy combo?