Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's All in the Eyes at The Gothic Shop

Regardless of anyone's personal fashion style, the part of us that expresses the most would have to be the eyes. Whether yours are blue, brown or green, perhaps somewhere in between, our eyes are not only beautiful but they express everything about us. So what better part of ourselves to dress up? There are a hundred and one different ways in which this can be done well. False eyelashes and liner are a staple part of most cosmetic bags at home, but there's only so much mascara that you can brush on! 

What about the more extravagant ways in which we can really make our peepers stand out? Why not have a go at some of these super cute ideas?

Loto Black Metal Venetian Mask Modelled by Dolly Diamond. Photography by Nils Bratby 

Although past times have seen the mask hiding the face, the Loto Venetian mask delicately highlights it, in particular the eye area. It's not as overpowering as it's vintage Venetian counterparts, instead the precision cut out  mask is made from a light metal that can be fixed around the face. In fact you will hardly know that you are wearing it. No need to wait until Halloween to dress in an elegant Gothic Baroque themed outfit, this is a piece that will get your eyes noticed no matter what time of the year you will wear it.  

Blue Manson Contact Lenses by Xtreme Eyez
Contact lenses are a quick and easy way to completely change the look of the eyes for anyone. There is a great range of colour and style of contact lens available from The Gothic Shop. Take your pick from a vampire yellow to a serpentine slit to transform your look in an instant. The Blue Manson contact lenses are just one example, they have that wonderful bright blue shade with dark line edge. These beauties will work well even if you have naturally blue eyes. The strong colour is bound to catch the eye of an admirer or indeed a victim who will easy fall for your charms! 

The Red Coroncina Metal Venetian Mask complete with chains is the epitome of all things luxurious! Think back to 1920's elegance with it's long sweeping Art Nouveau lines that almost mold to your facial features. Then the mystical eastern inspiration with the jewels and chains all in one sumptuous package.

This stunning piece has been created from a light metal, it has been cut out with lazer precision. Complete with gems and a ribbon to fasten the mask around the head, use this adorable piece to inject some real fantasy to any evening outfit and be the belle of the ball.

Whether you are into sultry and sensual masks or the more daring contact lenses, The Gothic Shop will have something for you! These are just some of the ways in which you can really make a statement with the eyes for 2015 at The Gothic Shop. Take a peek to see what other treasures lay in wait to be discovered.