Monday, 15 September 2014

Finer Details at The Gothic Shop

Most of us will currently be busy picking out our Halloween costumes for the 31st October (and for all the other ghoulishly glam parties that we will be attending over the next couple of months). Getting the look right is also about the finer details, for instance the right choker with that low cut dress is enough to make the ensemble one to remember on that night out. Perhaps it's the blood red diamante gemstones that add to the vampish effect of a Halloween outfit? These details may be small but you can bet your bottom dollar that Mr handsome Frankenstein at that club is going to notice. Everything from fangs to footless tights will matter on the big night. Here are just a few of the new additions to The Gothic Shop's accessories range that may just catch your eye: 

Rosie the Reaper Skull on Black Hairclips modelled by Dolly Diamond, Nils Bratby Photography (Now Available in a range of colours)  
Although Halloween is traditionally known for garish costumes, The Gothic Shop like to do things the stylish way. Dresses and outfits will be flattering as well as fiendish, no matter what you will be going as this year. But what about the accessories? Take a look at any number of the gorgeous jewels, make up, hair pieces and hair pins on offer for very wearable style this All Hallows Eve. Skulls are a timeless and popular look for this time of year, but this symbol of death and rebirth can be worn everyday in these delicate hair clips. The Rosie the Reaper Hairclips are now available in purple, white with blood spatter and glitter to list but a few. Use one or two together to pin back loose hair, make it a feature in an elaborate hairdo- the choice is yours.

Kahlovera Skull Red Butterfly Small Gothic Hairclip SECOND
A pre-loved accessory can sometimes bring about a whole new accent to dressing up for autumn, and there certainly is something about the vintage that makes it that much more meaningful when worn on the person. This is no different for the Kahlovera Skull Red Butterfly clip, a smaller accessory that makes a wild statement. Again, like the Rosie the Reaper hair clips this too features a skull detail at it's centre. Then there is the realistic looking details of the wings, the creature could fly off at any minute! Team this cute clip with some of the other butterfly clips newly listed on an elaborate bouffant hairdo. Alternatively wear your cute Skull Butterfly clip as a little brooch on a jacket collar for easy chic. 

Eyeleen Rose Hairclip by Hairy Scary, Modeled by Dolly Diamond, Photography by Nils Bratby.
Sticking with the Flower hairclip theme, the Eyeleen Rose Hairclip is a must. Fun mixed with fashion, take your pick from a range of different petal colours, each has a ghoulish zombie eye gazing back from the centre of the clip. Why not team two together to really spook out your neighbours when out trick or treating? The easy clip back makes all the hairclips at The Gothic Shop super easy to put it and take out. 

Whether cute or scary, the right accessories will make an ordinary Halloween outfit into a super great one! Take a look at the rest of the collection of accessories at The Gothic Shop.