Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sensual Gothic Skirts from RQ-BL

Although we still have some time to go before the really warm weather sets in, there is still plenty of time to prepare one's spring and summer 2014 wardrobe. The heat means one thing above all else: the chance to go out in our sexy skirts! While the winter months are very stylish, the summer is the time for all things exciting and skimpy. There's something about the right fitted skirt this year, as well as exciting new materials. PVC, leather, lace and latex are just some of the super exciting trends this year when it comes to skirts. Well The Gothic Shop as always, are on top of the hottest trends and 2014 is no exception. Take a look at some of the stunning skirts that you will be able to shimmy around in this spring! 

The Amelia Red and Black Gothic Lolita Lace witcht skirt by RQ-BL 
There's something so bold about those blood red and black combo's when worn, and it's even more delicious when used as frills! A Victorian lace steampunk element makes this skirt super sexy, especially with it's more modern short length. The frilled skirt is bouncy and has a wonderful movement about it. This dynamic mixture of style is all held together with a corseted tie back that will give anyone the perfect shape. An asymmetrical hemline makes this skirt a very strong and assertive one and truly marks it out from all the rest. Perfect with a corset styled top or even plain T-shirt this summer. New in at The Gothic Shop, this design from RQ-BL also comes in all black too.

Daenery's Purple Asymmetrical dress by RQ-BL 
Looking for that evening or special occasion outfit that has that otherworldly chic? Get your mystical glam on with this exquisite piece from RQ-BL. To say that this ensemble will turn heads for all the right reasons is a true understatement. At first glance the asymmetry of this body piece is eye catching, the lace and the mesh combinations also mean that this piece is feminine to i's core. Vivid purples and black make this dress super chic when worn with embellished bra and underskirt. This is all pulled together with tight tailoring that will flatter at all times. Team with fishnets or boots and one will have a must have look for their 2014 wardrobe.

Black Brocade and Lace Fishtail High Waist Skirt by RQ-BL 
Fishtail skirts are known for being some of the most flattering around, they accentuate the hips and lengthen the legs, bringing about that total feminine style. Well this longer length skirt does just that and plenty more. It's made from swathes of lace and brocade, so it's ultra luxurious. The under skirt and top swags are held together with an adjustable high waist belt- talk about a feat of superb tailoring! Perfect with any Gothic blouse, a simple vest t-shirt could give this a very wearable day time look. Like many of the pieces from RQ-BL at The Gothic Shop, you can expect superb style with top notch tailoring.

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